Complete List of Ministry Teams

This is a list of all the Ministry Teams curently active in our church. Recognizing that Ministry Teams are being created, retired, and evolving at any given time, this is our best effort at an up to date list of teams and their most recent Team Leader.

To find out more information about each team you can click on the Ministry Area heading, Ministry Coordinator name, Ministry Team name, or Team Leader name as available.

We’d love for you to get involved in any way you want! And, if there is a ministry you would like to get involved in that is not listed below, there are easy ways to create a new Ministry Team around your particular passion. Information on starting a new team is found here.


 BCCUCC List of Teams and Team Leaders (2023-2024)

Worship                                         Dale Azevedo

Chancel Team                              Beth Buckley
Deacons                                        Pat Stoddard
Music Team                                  Pat Stoddard
Pageant Team
Senior Choir                                  Matthew Marion
Sing & Celebrate Team               Kate Colby
Ushers Team                                Bethia Rosner
Worship Tech Team                    Tom Colby

Welcome                                        Barbara Lee

Easter Egg Hunt Team                 Jack Mycroft
Elevette Team                               Jay Buckley
Greeters Team                             Trinki Brueckner
Open Door Sunday Team
Publicity Team
Trunk or Treat Team

Congregational Care                    Racquel Ray

Bereavement Group                  Betsy Brenner
Book Club                                     Helen Schall
Coffee Hour Team
Lay Visitation Team                     Racquel Ray
Pot-Luck Team
Softball Team                               Tom Kiley
Women of Faith Team                 Jane Tonn
Youth Group Team                      Racquel Ray

Justice and Peace                        Nancy Arena

B.I.P. Team                                   Trinki Brueckner
5 for 5/Special Offerings             Nancy Arena
Negro Spirituals Team                Helen Schall
Solar Team                                    Racquel Ray
ONA Team                                     Dale Azevedo

Service                                          Sarah Mycroft

Knitting for Others Team            Nancy Arena
Loaves and Fishes Team             Jay Buckley
Local Outreach Team
Mission Trip Team                        JoAnne Waite
Refugee Resettlement Team      Lory McCoy

Faith Formation                          Andrea Bullard

Adult Formation Team                Dale Azevedo
Church School Team                   Fred Rocco
Confirmation Team                     Racquel Ray
Nursery Team                              Andrea Bullard
O.W.L. Team                                 Andrea Bullard

Finance                                         Tom Colby

Stewardship Team
Endowment Team                       Kate Colby
Treasurer                                      Leo Drury
Budget Development                 Tom Colby
Budget Monitoring

Property                                        Paul Dennis

Church Bldg. Team
Landscaping Team
Parsonage Team
Building Rental Team                 Sam Sylvester

Administration                             Dale Azevedo

Personnel Team
Nominating Team