Faith Formation

At BCCUCC we strive to offer education and faith formation classes across the entire age spectrum. Scroll through this page to explore our different offering of Church School, Our Whole Lives (OWL), Youth Group, and Adult Education.

Church School

We offer Church School for children from the nursery up through 8th grade. Our older youth are invited to join us for worship or help out with teaching the younger ages.


We have a wonderful Nursery room with dedicated staff, trained in caring for our youngest visitors and members. Of course, all our children are welcome to stay with their families in worship, but any parents want a break to relax and enjoy our worship service, our Nursery is available. It is located in our Education Building.

For more information be sure to reach out to Andrea Bullard, our Faith Formation Coordinator.


Confirmation is an important time in a young person’s life. It is an opportunity for our youth to “confirm” the faith that was proclaimed on their behalf at their baptism. In the UCC tradition, it is also a right of passage into full adult membership in the church.

We hold a confirmation class every other year for youth in grades 8-9.

Our Whole Lives (OWL)

Our Whole Lives is a series of comprehensive sexuality education resources (kindergarten thru adulthood) written by human sexuality educators appropriate for use in a variety of congregational, school, and community settings.

We traditionally alternate between offering classes for 7-8 grade and 10-12 grade.   However in 2023-24 we are offering a class for Grades 7-10 as many students missed out when classes weren’t offered during the pandemic. 

Adult Formation

Our Adult Education program tends to consist of multiple short-term Bible or faith studies offered throughout the year. These classes are often led by one of our ministers and run from 4-8 weeks in length.