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Like so many other organizations, during the Coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to move our serves online. What we discovered is that some in our congregation loved it! Of course gathering online isn’t the same as gathering in person, but you’re not about to wear you PJs into the sanctuary either! Therefore we have adopted a multi-platform approach. We are planning to offer all of services in-person AND online. It’s the best of both worlds!

This page is where you can catch up to all our current and past livestreams.   

You can also catch us on our church’s Facebook page and on our church’s YouTube channel.

Our Worship Tech Team livestreams the worship service to both our Facebook Page and our YouTube channel each Sunday morning.  However, there are sometimes technical problems streaming to Facebook, in which case the service won’t be visible from this page.  Instead you should be able to find the service on our YouTube channel.    


Archived Live-Streams