With the culmination of our ministry efforts over the past few weeks, we collected a huge donation of ‘Welcome Home Baskets’ for Crossroads RI. Last Sunday, we delivered 45 baskets with lots of extra stuff that didn’t fit into a basket. We had 7 cars, 12 volunteers and filled the room at Crossroads with all your donations! The baskets will remain intact and be donated in the same way that they were created – as a gift. There were no baskets in their reserves over the summer, so some of the BCCUCC baskets will immediately be distributed to recent new home recipients. In addition, our baskets will fill the shelves for the next new home recipients as needed. There is an on-going need for them.

Our guest speaker, Ric Wild said, “Thanks again for the opportunity to be with you and the congregation on Sunday. It was truly a highlight of my weekend!”

Our volunteers did notice that there were empty shelves in the Crossroads food pantry – perhaps an opportunity for a future outreach project?