Our congregation is working to come together through ART! Create a personalized tile to hang at church as a way to remember this time apart during the pandemic.

Someone from the project group will be reaching out to you to arrange your participation. We are using contactless drop-off/pick-up methods arranged personally with each family.  The materials are also sanitized between use.

It is our sincere hope to have EVERYONE in the congregation participate. As we expect this project to take several months with only a few tiles safely out at a time, if you do not receive a phone call soon, no worries. If you are really excited about participating and have not received a phone call yet, feel free to reach out sooner to one of us listed below.

Any questions, please contact Joanne Ela (gsbse@me.com), Heather Williamson (williamsonheather300@gmail.com), Miriam Duvel (msduvel@cox.net), or Elizabeth Azevedo (eazevedo17@gmail.com).

Pictured are some of the tiles that have been created so far.