BCCUCC welcomes our new Music Director, Mr. Matthew Marion. Matthew comes to us from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Mendon Uxbridge, MA, but has been involved in the music scene throughout the East Bay and Rhode Island for years. As you can see from his bio included below, Matthew has a lot to offer our congregation and we were thrilled to formally welcome him this past Sunday, January 8th.

We are very excited about many of the changes Matthew will bring as we anticipate things will be different with Matthew at the helm of our music program. It is our hope that he will be able to learn, embrace, and celebrate our music traditions while also injecting new life, ideas, and styles into our worship.

Matthew’s Bio

Originally from Cranston RI, Matthew Marion had the fortune to grow up in a highly diverse and musical community. Beginning violin at 9 and piano at 11; the exposure to the works of Bach, Beethoven and Liszt would lead him into a beloved career in music. Graduating from Rhode Island College with a B.M in Piano Performance, and holder of an Expert Residency certification in Music Education, he is thankful to have studied under Dr. Judith Stillman, Stephen Martorella, and Dr. Edward Markward.

Up until our recent pandemic you would have found Matthew onboard Norwegian and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as an Orchestra Pianist. This would bring him to be a part of Jazz sets, production shows, and guest entertainers in over two dozen countries around the world. This unique perspective between music and audiences he aims to bring to music ministries. Over the past decade He has directed ministries for Lutheran, Unitarian, Catholic, and Russian Orthodox churches.

Music is the element that bridges the word to the individual and each unique individual helps grow our community. Matthew hopes to get to know each and every congregation member, their backgrounds, musical interests and talents. Barrington is a vibrant community and here, all are welcome.