As you may have seen in last week’s ebridge, the GMTF has updated the web pages that explain our new structure. As a part of the update, we have included a draft of the proposed by-laws as well as a few other documents for those of you who would like to delve deeper into the specific changes made to the by-laws.

There are two major thrusts to this by-laws revision. First, the by-laws need to reflect our new structure as approved last October. This required major revisions to the governance and team sections in the by-laws. The second set of changes reflect the suggestion to reduce the non-essential information in the by-laws. Since our by-laws are decades (if not centuries) old there have been a lot of changes made over the years that ae not directly related to legal matters establishing us as a corporation in the state of Rhode Island. It is suggested by the UCC to trim such aspects out of the by-laws in order to keep the by-laws reflective of a legal (not sacred) document. In doing this, we have shifted significant aspects of our current by-laws into a series of “policies” that will be utilized in the new structure to “flesh out” the framework presented in the by-laws.

The GMTF invites you to review the draft by-laws in preparation for a vote on January 28, 2024. We encourage you to feel free to raise any questions you have regarding the by-laws or the new structure to Vanessa Kiley ( or any other member of the GMTF.

The link to see these documents is: BCCUCC New Organizational Structure

There, you will find the proposed by-laws as well as other helpful information about the new structure. A formal “warrant” for the meeting on January 28 will be issued in the coming days.

Blessings to you,

The GMTF (Governance Ministry Task Force)

  • Dale Azevedo
  • Vanessa Kiley
  • Kate Colby
  • Dick McWhirter
  • Tom STrolla