In true Congregational style, our church is blessed with strong lay leadership who step up to create, direct and follow through on a whole variety of programs and projects that help fulfill our mission as a faithful church. We are organized into a dozen Ministry Teams, each with their specific area of specialty (for example: Christian Education and Youth, Finance, Music, Justice & Witness) but who also have a representative meet monthly with a Church Council that tries to coordinate efforts. Any idea or concern is funneled through one of these Ministry Teams and brought to Council if they cannot take care of it themselves. One of those Teams, the Deacons, is responsible for the spiritual life of our church and work very closely with the pastors on all matters related to worship and spiritual life.

All Team meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend and share. The role of our pastors is to provide special leadership to the overall congregation and to serve in an advisory capacity on the Ministry Teams. Feel free to contact our church office at 246-011, office@bccucc.org.