Good morning friends and members of BCCUCC,

I write to you today with the important news that we have decided to cancel worship this Sunday, January 1, 2023. We do not take this decision lightly, but expect that the information below will help explain our decision.

Thursday morning both Racquel and I tested positive for COVID 19. We had each been feeling unwell since Tuesday, but had tested negative until yesterday. It is likely, although not guaranteed, that we contracted COVID at one of our Christmas Eve services. If that is the case, it is likely that we are not the only ones who caught the virus.

This, of course, leaves us in a quandary for Sunday. Neither Racquel nor I will be out of COVID protocol by Sunday, even if we should be feeling better. (We can only hope we are!) I have spoken with Tom Strolla, our moderator, as well as Pat Stoddard, our chair of deacons. Pat then reached out to the deacons for further input. In general, most people felt that worship would be missed if we canceled. On the other hand, there would be a fair amount involved in coming up with an alternative at this late point. In addition, if Racquel and I were not the only one’s exposed, the church might be best holding off gathering for an extra week just to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread throughout the congregation. It is sad to think we are cancelling worship. However we feel it is the prudent decision.

This Sunday, please take a moment and pray for Racquel and me, as well as anyone else in the congregation or whom you may know who is struggling. Even if we aren’t together in body, we can still be together in Spirit!

Be well and be safe this weekend,