We are told time and again that Jesus prays all throughout the Gospels. He goes up on a mountain. He takes a few disciples away with him. He bows his head. He looks up to heaven. However, for as often as we are told Jesus DID pray, we have very few examples of what he ACTUALLY said. In this five week study, we will read ALL the prayers that are attributed to Jesus and discuss what they may have meant to him, to his listeners, and to us today. Join Rev. Dale Azevedo in the church library or online on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm from March 1 thru 29 for this poignant study. Each class will last roughly an hour and be comprised of some short readings, a long discussion, and time for prayer. This will be a hybrid class (in person and online) using our new video conferencing equipment!

RSVP to Dale (dale@bccucc.org) or the church office (246-0111) if you want to participate.